The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982): the Sherrif Meets Melvin


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The clip the sherrif meets melvin from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) with Dom DeLuise

This is it.
Thank you.
Come in.
Mr Thorpe?
I know you.
You do?
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd.
They told me you were here. Come on in.
I hope I'm not... interruptin' anything.
Oh, please! It's my pleasure, my honour. What brings you to Houston?
Sit down. Anywhere over here.
I'm gettin' dressed. Sit down.
I've got my TV show to do, and I'm runnin' a bit behind time.
It's your show I want to talk to you about, Mr Thorpe.
Please. You watch the show, Ed?
Last week was the best ratin' we ever had.
The city planning commissioner was drivin' a city car...
Hold that for me, will you?
...while he was on vacation. Caught him dead to rights.
That pitiful putz. Would you just pull that up?
Just pull that up.
And we broke a 30 share. It's affectin' my pieces on the late night news.
Up, up, up. They just love my little report.
I hear you're very popular.
The power of television...
...of public exposure, is so great it scares me.
I swear, I could get the mayor's own children to throw rocks at him.
Which show did you like best, Ed?
I think the one about the... nuts in the chocolate bar.
That's one of my favourites.
Threescore means 60, like the Bible says.
So if it says "60 nuts" on the wrapper...
...I wanna see 60 nuts inside.
And I'm talkin' full nuts. I'm not talkin' a half-nut...
...or nut bits or nut chips.

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