Naam Yi Boon Sik (2007): About the Ronin Gang Part 4


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The clip about the Ronin Gang Part 4 from Naam yi boon sik (2007)

The Chief Superintendant is getting very nervous about the 2 cases with police casualties
Our meeting today is to determine how to apprehend these criminals as quickly as possible
The info in front of you is of Tian YangSheng
Tian YangSheng is the leader His second-in-command is Tian YangYi
These criminals are wanted for robbery of an armored security van half a year ago
They took US$100 mil and disappeared
According to the information from Interpol
In the last half year they have been pursued in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia
But last night they reappeared in Hong Kong
They are originally 7 orphans who grew up in the battlefield
They have all received military training
And have been employed as mercenaries everywhere
The last time they tried to escape, we killed 3 of them
This time the special task force is headed by Superintendant Luo and Superintendant Huang
Chief Inspector Muo is responsible for the coordination
Actually I've already applied for retirement
Including the holidays, there's only about one month left
Sir, I will take responsibility
Half a year ago, the robbery was committed in my jurisdiction
Good, it's decided then
The two of you co-operate It's all up to you
No problem, Sir
It's more than I could've asked for
You've made quite a bit on the share market lately

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