Back to the Future Part II (1989): Biff Gets the Almanac


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The clip biff gets the almanac from Back to the Future Part II (1989) with Thomas F. Wilson, Charles Fleischer

She's all fixed up, but I couldn't get her started.
Got a kill switch? You just need the right touch.
Nobody can start this car but me.
The bill comes to $302.57. $300?
$300 for a couple of dents? That's bullshit.
It was horseshit. The whole car was horseshit.
Jones wanted $80 to haul it away. I bet he resold it.
I got to get something. You want something?
You can call Jones and if he wants to give you a refund
$300! If I catch the guy that caused this I'll break his neck.
The manure. I remember that.
4 cans of Valvoline.
4 cans for a $300 job? I can't have lunch in there.
Makes me nauseous. I should get a case for $300.
It smells worse than the bathroom.
The stench is never going to go away, Biff.
Last time I do you a favor. Last time.
It's perfect, Lorraine. You're going to look so good!
You're going to look
Look at what we have here. Nice dress, Lorraine.
Although I think you'd look better wearing nothing.
Take a long walk off a short pier. There's that dance at school tonight.
Now that my car's fixed
I'll give you the honor of going with the best-looking guy in school.
I'm busy.
Doing what? Washing my hair.
That's as funny as a screen door on a battleship.
Screen door on a submarine, you dork.
Biff, somebody already asked me to the dance.
Who? That bug George McFly?
I'm going with Calvin Klein, okay? Calvin Klein? No, it's not okay.
You're going with me, understand? Get your cooties off me!
When will you get it through your skull? You're my girl.

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