Back to the Future Part II (1989): the 27th Floor


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The clip the 27th floor from Back to the Future Part II (1989) with Neil Ross, Thomas F. Wilson

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Biff Tannen Museum.
Dedicated to Hill Valley's number one citizen
and America's greatest living folk hero
the one and only Biff Tannen.
Of course we've all heard the legend, but who is the man?
Inside you'll learn how Biff became one of the richest men in America.
Learn the amazing history of the Tannen family
starting with his grandfather Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen
fastest gun in the West.
See Biff's humble beginnings and how a trip to the racetrack
on his 21st birthday made him a millionaire overnight.
Share in the excitement of a fabulous winning streak
that earned him the nickname "The Luckiest Man on Earth."
Learn how Biff parlayed that lucky winning streak
into the vast empire called Biffco.
Discover how in 1979
Biff successfully lobbied to legalize gambling
and turned Hill Valley's dilapidated courthouse
into a beautiful casino hotel.
I just want to say one thing: God bless America!
Meet the women who shared his passion
as he searched for true love
and relive Biff's happiest moment
as in 1973 he realized his romantic dream
by marrying his high school sweetheart Lorraine Baines McFly.
Third time's the charm.
No! Come with us upstairs.
Let me go. We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
The easy way.

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