Man of the Year (2006): Running for President


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The clip running for president from Man of the Year (2006) with Robin Williams

Stand by, lights, for cue one.
Welcome to "The Tom Dobbs Show. " Please have your tickets ready for the ushers.
Please turn off all cellphones and pagers.
Take your seats, please. Tom Dobbs will speak to you before the show.
This story might fall under the heading of "one thing leads to another. "
It started on August 20th.
At 7 p. m. Tom Dobbs, who had a successful cable show featuring political comedy,
was talking to the audience during the warm-up routine prior to the taping of his show.
Thanks for coming. This isn't the actual show. The cameras are pointing at nothing
and some critics have said that too.
But I'm just here to talk to you, warm up the audience, a little bit of foreplay.
I'll back up now for harassment reasons.
The government said recently... Well, a lot of people said that we're cutting back spending.
But NASA actually spent $28 million
to develop a fountain pen to write upside down in space in zero gravity.
The Russians solved the same problem
with five-cent pencil.
Very easy, writes upside down, zero gravity. After two cases of vodka, still writing.
If you have the GPS, be very careful. I bought a Mercedes recently with the talking GPS.
"Up ahead, take a right. " I opened the door and the car went, "Are you Jewish?"
But soon all of your appliances will talk to each other.
You'll get on the scale and the scale will go, "Psst! I've talked to the microwave. "
I notice many of you with little cellphones. Soon they'll get so small they'll just be inside...
Hold on, I got a call. Hello.
No, I'll make it louder. Hold on.

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