Man of the Year (2006): Arguing About the Glitch Part 2


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The clip arguing about the glitch Part 2 from Man of the Year (2006)

America votes, a leader is chosen.
But one thing could disturb this beatific vision.
I... I just want to be truthful.
Perception of legitimacy is more important than legitimacy itself. That's the greater truth.
Don't fuck with our democracy. Don't undermine our way of life.
Every American believes their vote counts. Now you wanna tell them that's not true?
But the results of the election will be wrong! One candidate will win because of computer error.
How do we know that?
I'm telling you!
Based on what? Guessing. Listen, this is your project, Eleanor.
If you wanna tinker with it for a future election, it's not only your prerogative, I encourage you.
The Delacroy voting system is your baby. You're a perfectionist and you wanna make it more perfect,
but do it alone and with an eye to the future,
because it is the future that interests us.
Now is the past.
As I understand it, there's no problem.

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