Man of the Year (2006): Dobbs at the Debate


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The clip dobbs at the debate from Man of the Year (2006) with Robin Williams

But you're backed by oil companies.
You'll have your turn, Mr. Dobbs.
Some of my colleagues and I in the Senate have come up with an interesting strategy...
If you're in bed with oil companies, you can't talk about fuel efficiency.
It's like being a kosher pig farmer.
He's getting angry.
This is not your talk show.
And you're not on your private plane,
flying to the golf vacation you took with the heads of the major oil corporations.
It's like something I never saw before.
Or did you fly in in that lovely helium plane? Oh, that's a blimp, I'm sorry.
No smoking in the hydrogen... Boom! Hindenburg!
Mr. Dobbs, please.
Of course he's for hydrogen.
It'll take 30 years to develop. Meanwhile, we haven't got any more fuel efficiency.
We're not exploring alternative fuels like methane - it's hard to hold that chicken over the gas tank.
Or ethanol, which is basically fuel alcohol.
Mr. Dobbs...
If you get stopped by the police, say, "My car's been drinking, not me!"
Or maybe helium, 'cause if you have a helium car...
if you have a helium car and you get rear-ended... "Hey, something's wrong!"
You have got to return to your podium.
Can we get some order here?
You talk about responsibility!
Your Treasury Department lost $28 million!
Please, return to your podium.
Tell me that you are not receiving major campaign finance contributions from oil companies.
I don't take kindly to you calling me a liar.
If this is a debate, you should answer questions honestly.
You should be accountable for who you are.
The voters should know what you represent,
and if you represent special-interest groups, we should be like NASCAR.
We'd be in the Senate with our suits on, and if you're backed by something,
it'd be like little patches like they wear in NASCAR.
the backaches end, the heart attacks begin. "
Put the big one on the back: "Enron
we take your money and run. "

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