Man of the Year (2006): the Debate Begins


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The clip the debate begins from Man of the Year (2006)

Here we go.
Good evening. Welcome to this last presidential debate
between the major candidates for President of the United States.
The candidates are: the Democratic nominee, President Kellogg,
the Republican nominee, Senator Mills,
and for the first time included in tonight's debate, the independent, Tom Dobbs.
My name is Faith Daniels and I'll be the moderator
for tonight's 90-minute debate which is coming...
Cleavage. Is that legal?
Very cute.
The format has been agreed to by representatives of both the Republican and Democratic campaigns.
There is no subject matter that's restricted.
As always, each candidate will have up to two minutes to make a closing statement.
The order of those, as well as the formal questioning tonight, were decided in advance by drawing.
Gentlemen, again, good evening and welcome. Let's begin.
Mr. Dobbs, how would you explain your decision to run for President of the United States?
I decided to run because I'm fed up with party politics.
I'm tired of the Republican Party and of the Democratic Party.
There's no real difference.
It's a Mr. Potato candidate.
Basically, you have a thing here where, here's the operative word: party.
Behind closed doors, I think they just have a good time.
When you read the transcripts, some of the things your Secretary of Defense says,

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