Inside Man (2006): Bonding with Kid


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The clip bonding with kid from Inside man (2006) with Clive Owen

Yo, yo, yo. There go that motherfucker right there.
Hey, yo, you thought you was gonna get away with that shit, didn't you?
How does this game work?
You get points for doing dirt, like jacking a car or selling crack.
And you lose points if someone jacks your ride or shoots you.
Come on, baby.
Take that! Take this! What? What? What?
Talk shit now! I don't hear you!
Eat this! Eat that! Eat this! Eat that!
You're gone, baby! You're dead! Bye-bye!
What's the point of this?
Like my man 50 says, "Get rich or die tryin'."
Yo, you'd get mad points for knocking over the bank.
You think that's cool?
Hell, yeah. You trying to get paid, too.
Finish your slice. I'll take you back to your father.
I got to talk to him about this game.
Is it good?
No doubt.
It's gonna be okay.
You'll be home soon.
That's whassup.

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