Inside Man (2006): White Goes into Bank Part 2


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The clip white goes into bank Part 2 from Inside man (2006) with Jodie Foster

And they're fueling your jet right now as we speak.
Come on. You're not that stupid.
Here's what I'm thinking.
If you give up now, I can ensure that you'll serve the minimum.
I'm thinking three years, four years at the most.
You can arrange that?
Well, you haven't hurt anyone or stolen anything,
so yes, as a matter of fact, I can.
It's not good enough.
Well, I wasn't finished.
When you get out, you'll have $2 million.
Will I? How?
We'll put it someplace safe and it'll be waiting for you when you get out.
But no, thanks.
Oh, come on. I made you such a sweet offer.
I really don't think you have much in the way of alternatives.

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