Inside Man (2006): Arthur Case's Story


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I can.
Let me tell you a story.
During World War II, there was an American working for a bank in Switzerland.
Now, I don't need to tell you that this period in history
was rife with opportunity for people of low morals.
People like this man.
He used his position with the Nazis to enrich himself while all around him
people were being stripped of everything they owned.
Then he used his blood money to start a bank.
does this sound like it might be the man you work for?
Or am I just whistling Dixie out of my ass?
I believe we understand each other.
So, what the hell can you do for me
since I clearly know more than you do, and I've planned this to perfection?
Believe me, if I need to, I can change your entire program.
So, the sooner that you stop being my problem
and you start becoming my solution, the better off you'll be.
What is it you want?
Two minutes.
The safety deposit box room. I just need to go to one box.
Looking for this?
This could be very embarrassing to your employer.
He should have destroyed this a long time ago.
He didn't, so now it's mine.
Now, if the day ever comes where I have to stand before a judge
and account for what I did here,
you and your boss will do whatever it takes to help me.
You get out of here with that envelope,

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