Inside Man (2006): Negotiators Arrive on Scene


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The clip negotiators arrive on scene from Inside man (2006) with Denzel Washington

Get these people out of here. Come on, open these gates. Back up.
Up on the sidewalk. Come on in.
Sergeant Collins, first on scene. Are you the hostage negotiator?
That's right. Detective Frazier. This is Detective Mitchell. What do you got?
Not much. Saw the bank was filled with smoke.
The door was locked. I tried to take a look inside
and one of the gunmen opens the door, sticks a. 357 in my face,
screaming in some foreign accent about killing hostages.
See any other gunmen?
No, sir. I couldn't see anything at all.
You hear anything inside?
No, sir,
but with that. 357 sticking in my face, I can't really be sure. I'm sorry.
Good, good. Good, good, good, good. You did a good job, Sergeant.
You ever had a gun stuck in your face before?
Yeah, once.
Yeah, by a 12-year-old.
What was that like?
Not one of my better days.
I bet. All right, well, look.
As soon as we get this thing cleared up, we'll cut you loose, all right?
If you don't mind, I'd rather hang around a while,
at least until we make contact.
That's what I like to hear, Sergeant.

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