Inside Man (2006): Hostages Phones Taken Away


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The clip hostages phones taken away from Inside man (2006) with Clive Owen, Peter Frechette

What? Come on. Why you doing this? Why you doing this to me?
Pop, what's going on? Yo.
All bank employees, raise your hands!
Bank employees, this side! Everyone else, over there!
Now, I need everybody to take your cell phones and your keys
out of your pockets and handbags and hold them in the air.
What's your name?
Peter what?
Peter Hammond.
Where's your cell phone, Peter Hammond?
I left it at home.
Peter, think very carefully about how you answer the next question
because if you get it wrong, your headstone will read,
"Here lies Peter Hammond, hero,
"who valiantly attempted to prevent a brilliant bank robbery
"by trying to hide his cellular phone,
"but wound up getting shot in the fucking head. "
Now, Peter Hammond,
where is your cell phone?
I'm telling you, I did. I left it at home.

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