Inside Man (2006): Robber Demands Part 2


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The clip robber demands Part 2 from Inside man (2006) with Willem Dafoe, Denzel Washington

"Fifty hungry people need food now. "
All right. Are we ready with the listening devices?
I'm gonna need 15 minutes once we get the food.
Pizza's the best. No sandwiches.
Is she for real? Are you for real?
Well, if we send in, say, 10 pizzas boxes with transmitters,
maybe we'll get some conversation if we give them something to group around.
Give them each a sandwich, it's hit or miss.
They can move around and I don't have 50 transmitters.
What's this?
It's a digital recorder.
You click it, and it'll record for half an hour.
James Bond shit.
Well, you can get them on Amazon.
You gonna ask for a hostage?
He already gave us one, didn't he?
I ask for another one, he says no, then what?
No, he knows what he's doing.
He gave us a hostage. We'll give him some food.
I don't want to get caught bluffing this guy.

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