Inside Man (2006): Briefing Detectives


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The clip briefing detectives from Inside man (2006) with Willem Dafoe, Denzel Washington

Look, Detective, I didn't mean to give you a hard time back there.
Forget about it. What's the story, Captain?
Well, the hostage they let go was Herman Gluck, 73.
He was having chest pains. Paramedics have him.
They told him to say that if any cops came near the door,
they'd throw out two dead bodies.
He thinks there's four perps. Says they came in dressed as painters.
There's a video system in the bank.
We're working on getting a download
from Manhattan Trust's central security office, but it'll take a while.
We got the block locked up. I got men in the windows.
We're checking on the sewers with D.E.P.
What about the phones?
Cut and diverted into M.C.C. We're the only ones they're gonna call.
Cell phones are monitored and we can jam the air whenever you say.
But we like to leave it clear in case a hostage is able to get through,
but so far nothing.
It's up on the screen.
Any call about a bank gets routed straight to us.
Well, that's my end of it, Detective.
Yeah, I'm not calling them yet.
Beg your pardon?
Doesn't feel right yet, you know what I mean?
I'm not gonna call him and ask what I can do for him.
Let's see what he does.
Your call.

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