Inside Man (2006): Mysterious Circumstances


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The clip mysterious circumstances from Inside man (2006) with Denzel Washington

Captain, I'm telling you, this thing is a mess.
They thought this one out, soup to nuts.
So, lay it out for me.
We photograph everybody that came out of the bank.
We sit them down, we question them, we show them the photos.
Most of them can't point to anybody that's guilty of anything.
We ask them if they could recognize anybody who was not one of the bad guys.
Even if we considered someone as a possible suspect,
there's one or two or three other people that would rule them out.
It's like the thing never happened.
What about prints?
Everywhere. So what?
All it shows is that these people were there.
Just about everyone.
Even if their alibi was weak,
a hostage would identify them as being one of the good guys.
There we are, back to square one.
We got one employee who had some juvie stuff. One customer had...
Excuse me.
One customer had an out-of-state warrant for child support.
Another one had a couple of priors, G.L.A. Mostly.
Again, same problem. Plus, he was a fucking idiot.
Bank cameras?
I'm telling you, they thought of everything. Almost.
Sounded like everything to me.
But this.
We haven't found that. 357 or the perp that was holding it.
If you did, there'd be no prints on it anyway.
Bury it.
Bury it?
What the fuck do you expect me to say?
Captain, this thing stinks to high hell. I mean, somebody did something here.
You said it yourself.
You got no robbery. No suspects.
Nobody's breathing down my neck to come up with answers.
I'm not gonna breathe down yours. Bury it.
I wasn't expecting this.
I promise you, I'll find you guys more cases to solve.
Oh, here's something that you probably did expect.
They found that missing Madrugada money.
No shit.
Yes, you want to know where it was?
In my bank account?

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