Van Helsing (2004): Van Helsing and Anna Following Velkan


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The clip Van Helsing and Anna following Velkan from Van Helsing (2004) with Kate Beckinsale, Hugh Jackman

For me, this is all personal. It's all about family and honour.
Why do you do it, this job of yours? What do you hope to get out of it?
I don't know. Maybe some self-realization.
What have you got out of it so far?
Werewolves only shed before the first full moon.
Before the curse has completely consumed them.
What is this place? Castle Frankenstein.
But it should be abandoned.
I don't understand.
The man who lived here was killed a year ago.
A grave robber, among other things.
A year ago.
It was just after that that your father went missing.
Yes. He was looking for Dracula. He was on his way to the sea.
I have never been to the sea.
I'll bet it's beautiful.

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