Backdraft (1991): Hospital Fight


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The clip hospital fight from Backdraft (1991) with William Baldwin

How is he?
He's alive.
Is he gonna make it?
They're not saying.
He's in there.
I'm sorry. You can't come in now.
Please stay outside.
I should have been there.
None of us should have been there, Brian.
Don't tell me about the chance I'm taking.
You were costing me time.
You didn't wait for back-up.
You were wrong.
What the hell is your problem?
This part of your investigation?
You had to do it.
You had to be myth man, taking another fire bare-handed...
instead of looking out for your probie.
We need space.
Is that what happened?
I had that fire. He didn't listen.
He's a candidate, your responsibility.
You shouldn't have had him up there in the first place.
You burned him, Stephen.
Fuck you.
Don't you walk away from me.
Yo, Brian. Let's go.
Goddamn it! Get him off!
Come on!
Easy, man.
Loosen up! You're just making things worse.
Relax. Forget about it.
Come on. Come on.

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