Backdraft (1991): Credits Opening


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The clip credits opening from Backdraft (1991) with William Baldwin

Leave me alone, will ya? You think you're so smart.
Would you stay still already?
What a geek!
I'm not a geek!
You're doing it wrong!
Shut up!
You're doing it wrong.
It doesn't go like that.
Who asked you?
Who's your brother?
You are, Stevie!
You do it like this, it'll open up in a fire,
you'll get burned and die.
Let's go!
What d'you got, Adcox, a big deal?
Medium deal, Captain.
Hey, Brian, want to come along?
Stephen, you've come a dozen times.
Give your brother a chance. What d'you say?
We'll be back in a minute. How about it?
Come on!
Pull the cord, Brian!
1545 Idylwild.
Give it a yank, a good pull.
You've gotta get these cars outta the way.
Give it another yank!
Well, there it is, right over there. See it?

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