Backdraft (1991): Brotherly Love


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The clip brotherly love from Backdraft (1991)

The whole family's crazy.
You nailed him.
He's all right. He said something.
What'd he say?
I don't remember.
Listen, I can walk by myself.
Ow! I hurt my ankle, man.
Don't stand and laugh. Get me up!
Yeah. Oop. Photographer.
Think I can get on the cover of "Life"?
Let's go.
Is Axe a great guy?
He doesn't know shit about what I want.
I've got news for everybody. I'm not my old man.
A fire won't get me. I know more than he did.
I know more about fire than all of 'em.
Time for bed, Sugar Ray.
Let me get those for you.
Get outta my way. I can get my shoes off.
You're such a pain in the ass.
You always were.
What are you talkin' about? I saved your ass tonight.
Why don't they trust me anymore, huh, Brian?
Really, the guys just don't trust me anymore.
Hey, this boat could be great, don't you think?
Maybe I'll just...
just take it out on weekends.
Sean and me.
We could just float.

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