The Butterfly Effect (2004): Mr Miller's Home Video


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The clip Mr Miller's home video from The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Hey, Andrea.
Hello, little man.
Watch your step.
Thanks, George.
Not a problem.
Here's my work number...
in case there are any problems.
And please keep an eye on him 'cause...
What, are you kidding?
We're going to have a great time today, right, sport?
Okay, be good, kiddo.
I love you.
Bye, George.
Go long. Go on. Right in the backyard.
Here it comes.
Evan, Evan, guess what? Dad got a new video camera...
and we're all going to be in a movie.
That's right, Evan.
And you get to be the star.
I thought I was the star.
Hey, what did I tell you?
Now, Evan...
You have to promise...
your bestest, super-duper promise...
that this will be our little secret.
You think you can do that?
I'm r...
Where am I?
Where did we all go?
Calm down, kid, stand still.
I was just somewhere else.
How did I get here?
Quit acting like some damn retard, or I'll call your mother...
and tell her what a naughty little shit you've been.
what happened?

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