The Butterfly Effect (2004): Jail Visit


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The clip Jail visit from The Butterfly Effect (2004)

And he says he's sure...
he can get you off on self-defence.
So if you're just patient...
How long am I gonna be in here?
I don't know.
These things take time.
What about the journals?
Did you bring the ones I asked you to bring?
I found these two.
The others are still in storage.
Mum. L...
I need them all,
all of them.
And I'm going to get them to you,
but right now, you need to concentrate on the case.
You're right.
What about Kayleigh?
Is she alright?
Try to tell her I'm sorry.
Time's up.
I'm not going to lose you, kiddo.
Promise me you'll hang on.

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