The Butterfly Effect (2004): Jesus Speaks to Me


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The clip Jesus speaks to me from The Butterfly Effect (2004) with Ashton Kutcher

Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on, Reese.
You're religious, Carlos,
you believe in that whole bit,
the Lord works in mysterious ways?
Straight up, man.
'Cause I think Jesus sent me to your cell for a reason.
For you to help me.
I knew you were crazy, man.
I ain't bullshitting you.
Jesus speaks to me in my dreams.
Oh, yeah?
That's cool. Great.
A pack of smokes says I can prove it to you.
When I'm out, I need you to watch my hands and face closely.
You need to see the prison shrink, man.
Just tell me if you see anything just... weird.
Weirder than this?
It could be marks. It could be scars.
It could be anything, I don't know.
'On Wednesday, I got in trouble for a drawing I didn't do.
Mummy won't let me see it.

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