The Butterfly Effect (2004): Evan Questions His Mom


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The clip Evan Questions his mom from The Butterfly Effect (2004)

I can't help it. I'm just so proud of you.
Hey, did... did Dad...
Did Jason get good grades?
Please, he got straight As without ever touching a book.
It was the one area his memory never failed him.
Did he ever say that he, like...
figured out a way to recall his lost memories...
like years after he blacked them out in the first place?
Why do you ask?
No, I just figured with him being...
you know, such a brain and all...
it's like, you would think that he would figure out...
a way to remember stuff that he forgot.
Well, when he was your age...
almost exactly your age come to think of it,
he said he figured out a way to remember his past.
I couldn't tell if they were real memories...
or just his imagination.
Then, just before it got so bad, he...
had to be institutionalised,
he said he could...
What... what did he do?
Forget it.
It's nothing. He was far too sick by then.
Come on, Mum, what did he say that he could do?
What do you say, as a goof?
No, Mum, come on.
Come on, yourself... it'll be fun.
Alright, it's your dime.

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