The Butterfly Effect (2004): Andrea Has Lung Cancer


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The clip Andrea has lung cancer from The Butterfly Effect (2004) with Ashton Kutcher

Did Mum get transferred again?
What are you talking about? She's been here the entire time.
Looking... good, kiddo.
Lung cancer.
Lung cancer?
You started chain smoking when I blew myself up.
Sorry, Mrs. T, he's been acting out of sorts lately.
I think I could fix this.
I just need the journal entry about the blockbuster.
Shit, no arms.
I never wrote it.
You're... acting... different.
No, he's just going through tough times right now.
you're going to be okay.
I can change it.
Um, maybe... I wanna go down to the chapel.
You're... acting...
just like your father.
Just 'cause he went crazy when he was my age,
doesn't mean I'm gonna go crazy, Mum.
How... did...
you... know that?
You told me...

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