The Butterfly Effect (2004): Kayleigh's Apartment


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The clip Kayleigh's apartment from The Butterfly Effect (2004) with Amy Smart, Ashton Kutcher

Oh, I thought you were someone else.
Make it fast, I'm expecting someone.
Hey. It's good to see you.
Can I come in?
If I knew you were coming.
I would have cleaned the stains off the sheets.
What do you want?
I just needed to see a friendly face.
Well, time is money, Evan.
I guess I can spare 10 minutes for an old friend, right?
So, how's tricks?
Sorry, occupational humour.
I got it.
You can stop now.
Oh, sorry.
Does my line of work make you uncomfortable, precious?
No, just that you felt like you had to use it to hurt me.
I've been where you've been.
Where is that?
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
I know people always say that,
that you wouldn't believe me,
but in this case it's not even worth trying, so...

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