The Butterfly Effect (2004): You Can't Play God


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The clip You can't play God from The Butterfly Effect (2004) with Callum Keith Rennie

His name is Jason...
and he's crazy.
I hope he let's me call him 'Dad.
You okay? 'Cause you look like...
you went somewhere else there for a second.
Look, Jason, I need some fast answers from you...
if I'm ever gonna fix what I've done.
I was praying this curse would have ended with me.
Yeah, but it didn't.
So now I need information to make things right again...
and you're the only one that can give it to me.
There is no right.
You can't change who people are without destroying who they were.
Who says you can't make things better?
You can't play God, son.
It must end with me.
Just by being here you may be killing your mother.
That's bullshit, you know?
I'll send you a postcard when I made everything perfect again.
Ahh. No, no.

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