Hannibal (2001): New Case


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The clip new case from Hannibal (2001) with Julianne Moore, Ray Liotta

You have a secret admirer, Starling.
Isn't much to look at, but he has friends in high places.
Remember Mason Verger?
Lecter's fourth victim-
the rich one.
The only one that survived.
He has new Lecter information. He'll only share it with you.
What do you mean, only share it with me?
You want it, seize it.
We'd rather not.
I wasn't speaking to you, Mr. Krendler.
When I speak to you, I'll look at you.
Why would we rather not?
The last time he called...
was when we took Lecter off the Ten Most Wanted List.
He was upset about that. We said, "Hey, that's life. "
He said, "Hey, this is a senate oversight committee...
"to make your life miserable. "
His family's political contributions...
may not be enough to buy a senator...
but they are enough to rent them from time to time.
There's no reason to go through that again...
if he really does have something new.
It's a good deal for you, Starling.
You can't pretend it isn't.
You get to go back on a celebrated case.
I'll take care of the media for your Drumgo killing.
Everyone's going to be happy.
I'm not happy.
Well, maybe you're incapable of being happy.
Mr. Krendler...
when you're out on the street...
you know you might take a bullet in the line of duty.
You accept it, or you get out.
You live with it.
What you don't expect or accept...
is taking one in the back in your boss' office...
for doing your job exactly as they've taught you.
That makes you unhappy.
Of course, you're right, Starling...
but it doesn't really change anything.
It changes everything. It changes me.

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