Hannibal (2001): Meeting Nurse Barney


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The clip meeting nurse barney from Hannibal (2001) with Julianne Moore, Frankie Faison

Hey, Barney.
Remember me?
Would you agree for the record, Agent Starling...
that I've not been read my rights?
I have not Mirandized Barney.
He is unaware of his rights.
When you turned Dr. Lecter over to the Tennessee Police-
They weren't civil to him, and they're all dead now.
They only survived his company three days.
You survived him six years at the asylum.
How'd you do that? It wasn't just being civil.
Yes, it was.
You ever think after he escaped he might come after you?
He once told me that whenever feasible...
he preferred to eat the rude.
"Free-range rude," he called them.
What about you? You ever think he might come after you?
You ever think about him at all?
At least thirty seconds of every day.
I can't help it.
He's always with me, like a bad habit.
Do you know what happened to his stuff?
His books, papers, drawings-
Everything got thrown away when the place closed-
Barney, I just found out...
that Dr. Lecter's signed copy of "The Joy of Cooking"...
was sold to a private collector for $16,000.
It was probably a fake.
The seller's affidavit of ownership...
was signed Karen Phlox.
Do you know Karen Phlox? You should.

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