Hannibal (2001): New Information


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The clip new information from Hannibal (2001) with Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman

Mr. Verger, you indicated to me...
that you'd received some new information.
Where did this come from?
Buenos Aires. I received it two weeks ago.
Where is the package it came in?
Good question.
There was nothing written on it of interest.
Cordell, did we throw it out?
I'm afraid we did.
Oh, dear.
You think it'll help?
I hope so.
I hope it'll help you catch him...
to help cleanse the stigma of your recent dishonor.
Thank you. I think that's all I need.
Did you find some rapport with Dr. Lecter...
in your talks at the asylum?
I know I did while I was peeling.
We exchanged information in a civil way.
But always through the glass?
Isn't it funny?
What's that?
You can look at my face...
but you shied when I said the name of God.

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