Hannibal (2001): Paul Becomes Dinner


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The clip paul becomes dinner from Hannibal (2001) with Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore

The brain itself feels no pain, if that concerns you.
For example, Paul won't miss this little piece here...
which is the part of the prefrontal lobe...
which they say is the seat of good manners.
Your profile at the border stations has five features.
I'll trade you.
Stop now, and I'll tell you what they are.
How does that word taste to you, Clarice?
Cheap and metallic, like... sucking on a greasy coin?
Who's Clarice?
Agent Starling, Paul.
If you can't keep up with the conversation...
you better not try to join in at all.
Me, Paul. I'm Starling.
Right here is the...
sac that contains the brain.
I would really like some wine!
That smells great.
Yeah. I bet. Why don't you try a little piece?
I would really like some wine.
It is good.
All right. Just a little.
Given the chance, you would deny me my life, wouldn't you?
Not your life.

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