Hannibal (2001): Dinner with Lecter Part 2


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The clip dinner with lecter Part 2 from Hannibal (2001) with Julianne Moore, Anthony Hopkins

May I have some wine, please?
I don't think that's a good idea.
Not with the morphine.
Better you should eat some broth. OK?
By the way, Starling...
that was a job offering I worked into the blessing.
I'm going to Congress, you know.
Are you?
Come around campaign headquarters.
You could be a office girl! Can you type and file?
Can you take dictation?
Take this down:
Washington is full of corn-pone country pussy.
I took it down. You said it already.
Now you're being rude, and I hate rude people.
Drink your broth like a good boy.
Come on. Sip.
It's not very good, buddy.
I admit I added something to yours.
Perhaps it's clashing with the cumin.
But I assure you, the next course is to die for.
Come on, Clarice. No.
That's a good girl.

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