Fletch (1985): Room Service


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The clip room service from Fletch (1985) with Chevy Chase, Dana Wheeler- Nicholson

Okay, Very good, gentlemen, Come right in,
There you go, Right in this way,
Right in here, That's good, That's very nice,
Want I set up?
No, thank you, I'll take care of it,
Give each other $20, okay?
Put it on Underhill,
Oh, this is beautiful,
(EXCLAIMS) There we have it,
All this goes on the Underhills' bill?
Yeah, well, I saved his life during the war,
You were in the war?
No, he was, I got him out,
Wow, I can't believe I'm doing this, This is great,
Let's eat, Let's eat,
Your bill, señor, Oh, thank you,
$400 for lunch?
Your guest, señor,
What guest? We didn't have any guests here today,
Two bottles of Dom Perignon?
$100 a pop!
Jesus H, Christ! Where is he?
He is with Ms, Stanwyk,
Where's she? Cabaña 1,
Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Depends on the question,
Want some more champagne?
Are you still in love with Alan?
I mean, no, you can't ask me that question,
Ask me another one,
Why'd you let me in?
Because I'm bored,
If you're so bored, why didn't you go to Utah with Alan?
Well, Utah's not exactly a cure for boredom,
That's a good point,
I mean, I've never even been there, I shouldn't say that,
What about his parents? They live there,
He hasn't seen them for years so I've never met them,
They don't get along well?

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