Fletch (1985): Fred "the Dorf" Dorfman


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The clip Fred "the dorf" Dorfman from Fletch (1985)

So please hold your applause until I'm finished,
To my left is Kitty Domaine,,,
More coffee? There you go,
,,, Selby Desner,
Barbara Wattell, Walter Smith,
Martha Sterling and Paul Fleming,
And to my right, Michael Kenyon,
Olivia D, Williams, Otto Bailey,
Bea Dorfman,
And now, the Father of Internal Bushings, our very own and beloved leader,
A man who needs no introduction!
Thank you very much, Sammy, Thank you!
I couldn't wait,
That was a very nice introduction, and I am very thrilled and proud to be here today,
It's been a wonderful ceremony so far,
Here on behalf of our own Fred "The Dorf" Dorfman!
Who is he?
Many of you don't know that Fred was darn near death recently,
And he wasn't ashamed to admit to me that he'd had syphilis,
Thank God he stopped it in its tracks,
I must tell you that it takes a lot for a man to admit where he got it from and how he got it,
I must say, look at him today, Fred, you look just wonderful,
The nose looks normal again, The face has come back into shape,
And he's not drooling anymore, it's a good sign,
And hats off to Marge, his wife, because that whole experience there, the two or three weeks that she stayed at Trembling Hills has paid off,
No more alcohol or sedatives in her life,
There's so many other things that I wanna tell you about Fred, things that maybe many of you already know,
Sammy, you're not going to sing for us, are you?
Did you know that Fred spent a good deal of his life honoring a profession that has gone largely unsung around here?
Some of those boys are here tonight,
The profession, of course, is law enforcement,
I know Fred feels this way, that too often our feelings are locked in and we feel restrained and perhaps even embarrassed to actually reach out and touch an officer of the law,

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