Fletch (1985): Drop Your Shorts and Bend over


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The clip drop your shorts and bend over from Fletch (1985) with Chevy Chase

Drop your shorts and bend over, Mr, Babar,
Oh, no, really, We don't need to, I,,,
We don't want to do that,
You know, my kidneys feel a lot better in this position,
Maybe it's just that I'm not doing any calisthenics,
You know, if I did sit-ups in the morning or bent over like this,
I'd probably feel 100%%,,,
(SINGING) Moon river
Thank you, Doc, You ever serve time?
DOLAN: Breathe easy,
Breathe easy,
You know, I was surprised that Alan was able to get that policy,
I know there's a history of cancer in the family,
There is? Yeah,
As a matter of fact,,,
(GRUNTS) You using the whole fist, Doc?
Just relax,
Yeah, I saw Alan the other day,
He was looking a little peaked,
I don't know, I think he's lost weight,
Are you sure he's all right?
I can't discuss another patient, You know that,
Well, I don't find anything wrong with you,
Well, I'm sure it's not for a lack of looking,

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