Fletch (1985): I'm John Cocktoastoy


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The clip I'm John Cocktoastoy from Fletch (1985) with Chevy Chase, Dana Wheeler- Nicholson

Gail Stanwyk?
I haven't seen you since the wedding, You look great,
I do? That's very sweet of you,
You know, I have to confess something to you,
I must've been pretty plowed at your wedding,
I don't have any idea who you are,
Not my wedding, your wedding,
Oh, my wedding, Thank God,
No, Doesn't really help me, Are you a friend of Alan's?
Why, yes, we used to fly together, I'm john,
Oh, john,
Oh, together,
No, john who?
John Cocktoastoy,
It's a beautiful name,
Well, it's Scotch-Rumanian,
That's an odd combination,
Yeah, well, so were my parents,
Do you mind if I practice some more?
I have to work on my ground stroke,
You bet, Go ahead,

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