Fletch (1985): Owe Wendy 918$


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The clip owe Wendy 918$ from Fletch (1985) with Chevy Chase

She doesn't need it,
She's been living with somebody for months, And I know it,
I don't know what you're referring to,
Wendy maintains her own residence,
This stinks,
I empathize with your plight, Fletch,
However, you threw her out,
She was sleeping with everybody,
You should have proved that in a court of law,
My lawyer was a bum,
I agree,
I think she slept with him, too,
You may be right,
Are you serious?
That's history, Fletch,
You owe us $918,
I think our problems may just be solved,
Ed McMahon,
I think I just won a million bucks,
(CHUCKLING) Yeah, "Irwin M, Fletcher, you choose,"
Oh, boy, I lost again, Sorry,
This is no joke, Fletch,
If some kind of payment isn't made,
I'm gonna have to contact your paper, garnish you your wages,
I can't have my wages garnish-ied,
Tell you what,
Cash? I'm impressed,
I saw my pimp today,
Open your raincoat,
Come on, just once, It's worth it,
That's $1,000,
You apply the difference to next month, okay?
Now scram, Till then,
Keep $10 for yourself, Go out and get yourself a nice piece of ass,

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