Fletch (1985): Broken Nose


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The clip broken nose from Fletch (1985) with Chevy Chase

But the Secret Service, they,,,
Whack! And this blood, and,,,
Sugar, Mr, Poon?
No, never, never, Thank you,
Well, now, let me reiterate that this is not a formal investigation,
That is, if Alan Stanwyk isn't involved in any improprieties,,,
Alan Stanwyk is not involved in any improprieties,
I don't know where the SEC comes off by even making such an accusation,
Now, you know that, and I know that but somebody's bucking for a promotion,
It's probably that pederast Hanrahan, I don't know,,,
All I know is, if I don't go back with something you and your son-in-law are going to be the scapegoats of the week,
Unbelievable, This is unbelievable,
I mean, look at this, They even want to know what he's doing in Utah,
Utah? Oh, jesus H, Christ on a popsicle stick,
First of all,
Alan Stanwyk does not own one single share of stock!
The $3 million for the ranch in Provo was entirely provided by my daughter who converted some of her personal holdings, not corporate holdings,
Personal holdings,
So, if any of your DC boys want to make something out of that, bring them on,
Otherwise, you tell your Commission to get the hell out of my face,
God, I admire you,
Well, consider this case closed,
Look at this, it's even stopped bleeding, Isn't that something?
My pleasure,
Well, thank you and good day,

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