Fletch (1985): $10,000 Dollars Worth of Airline Tickets


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The clip $10,000 dollars worth of airline tickets from Fletch (1985) with Chevy Chase

"One Bob Haldeman wig, a gorilla suit,"
That's a gibbon suit,
"Tennis shorts, leather sneakers, wrist bands,"
It's business, Frank, Believe me, I hate tennis,
What's novelty teeth?
Frank, it's all business, Frank, it's all business!
"A nun's habit, Six tubes of Crazy Glue,"
Oh, that's personal,
Right, take it out of my raise,
You're not getting a raise, Did I say,,, Come on,
I would think the DA would need these tickets for evidence,
Not necessarily,
Not necessarily? Larry!
In the court ruling US vs, Fishbein, a man subjected to potential incineration while wearing another man's suit is entitled to $10,000 worth of airline tickets,
It's an obscure ruling but a very important one to me,
Why don't you just say that you want to take me to Rio with you?
There's a different slant,
The thing is, see, we haven't really dated formally,
I always take my first dates to a Laker game,
I don't want to go to a Laker game,
I don't like basketball,
Maybe that's because you don't understand basketball,
You haven't been schooled in the fundamentals, Pick and roll,
Sounds like a fast-food chain,
Reverse stuff, That I've done,
I'll bet you have, you little vixen,

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