The Paper (1994): Dinner with Parents


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The clip dinner with parents from The Paper (1994) with Michael Keaton

Hi. How are you doing?
Sorry I'm late. I hope you ordered.
No, we waited.
Hi, Mom. Dr Hackett. How was the drive down?
I made it in an hour and 45.
So, how is work?
Work is...
looking good.
Oh, you liar!
Martha told us about The Sentinel job.
Congratulations, darling.
Howard, let's get some champagne.
The New York Sentinel. That's what I call a newspaper.
Good evening.
Have you decided yet?
Oh, Henry, look fast.
We'll fill in for you here. Sarah?
I'll start with a small Caesar salad.
I don't see it on the menu, but I always love to have-
Small Caesar? No problem.
And then I'll have with that small Caesar salad...
a rack of lamb.
Are you okay?
And for you, sir?
What's that, Mom? Oh, yeah.
Okay, here we go.
What I was gonna say was-
You're probably gonna find this a little hard to believe.
You in particular, I think...
are gonna get a real big kick out of it.
I can't stay. I have to put the paper to bed.
But what do you say we all get together later...
and go have some dessert at that place.

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