The Paper (1994): Getting a Quote Part II


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The clip getting a quote part II from The Paper (1994)

We run what you guys give us. You gave us Gotcha.
I didn't give you that bullshit. Downtown gave you that shit.
All downtown cares...
is that you guys run nice, front-page stories about how we got the guys.
Everybody can still come to New York with their money. Next month...
when the kids are released because of lack of evidence-
They were just walking by, for Christ's sake.
We don't even have a print on a murder weapon.
When that gets out, you guys...
will bury it on page 23 and nobody will notice.
Can you give me that on the record?
Stop the shit, will you?
Do something.
These are nice kids, Richie. These are good kids you guys threw in jail.
These kids have bright futures. One of them is an honour student.
The other one's a ball player.
He's a tailback. He's going to Penn State this fall.
This makes me sick.
Penn State?
Yeah. Nittany Lions.
You guys use my name on this, and I will fucking find you.
You understand?
I got it. Police department source only. Promise, right?
These kids?
They didn't do it.

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