The Paper (1994): New Job Debate

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The clip new job debate from The Paper (1994) with Michael Keaton, Lynne Thigpen What, are the presses run...
The clip new job debate from The Paper (1994) with Michael Keaton, Lynne Thigpen What, are the presses running? Yeah. Sunday travel section. Here, sign these. Tell me what you want to do about Phil. Who's that? It's McDougal. What the hell's he doing? Sleeping. He says he can't go home. Somebody wants to kill him. Who's trying to kill you now? Sandusky. The parking guy? Over a couple of lousy columns? My columns aren't lousy. Give it up, would you? Get it out of your system. So they towed your car and scratched it a bit. Six thousand dollars. Six thousand dollars damage to a vintage automobile. You're ranting now, babe. I bust my ass... to find something fresh, and when I get it, I bang it like a cheap drum. People love this shit. You should read my mail. Turn that scanner down, will you? How the hell are you supposed to sleep around here? Jeez. What are these? Subway wreck, West 4th Street this morning. Did you find the one with the- Is that an arm? Yeah, you found it. Don't put these on my desk in the morning, okay? Not until I've had three cokes. Good morning. Three Cokes, then a picture. That's the rule. What? You know what's going on in Fort Green? Two dozen cops hassling anybody... with a black face and a record on this Williamsburg murder thing. If there's gonna be a riot, which I think there is... then we should have somebody there. Unless you want to get stomped two days in a row on the same story. Get stomped. That's funny. Doesn't anybody say good morning any more? I don't think so. Williamsburg, huh? That's Wilder's territory, isn't it? You trying to bigfoot him? Wilder? Oh, yeah, he really aced it last night, huh? Come on, Henry. I know this neighbourhood. I go- Forget the desk. She can have the desk. But give me the chair, for Christ's sakes! Phil, I was talking to somebody. I can hardly stand up straight. You know what? Go do that. That's a good idea. I'll handle Wilder. Don't worry about it.