The Paper (1994): Bernie Meets Daughter


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The clip bernie meets daughter from The Paper (1994) with Geoffrey Owens, Michael Keaton

What do you think?
I hate it.
Me too.
What happened to Gotcha?
Artwork's not back yet.
Perp walk's not for another ten minutes.
That's our backup.
Hold page one until 8:00.
Not a minute more. It's $12,000 every half hour we wait.
Those are union drivers waiting out there, mister.
Those are union drivers waitin' out there, mister.
Shoot it!
Deanne. Just give me a second. All right? It won't kill you.
What are you doing here?
I came to see my daughter.
It's good to see you.
My God. I don't believe this.
You're married. You're married.
Oh, my God. I have to sit down.
I made it clear. I don't wish to see you.
You sound like you just walked out of your shrink's office.
Hold it. That was a rotten thing to say. Hold it.
I'm sorry. Let me start over.
Why are you here?
I saw your name in that piece we ran on the Murray Hill trial.
I was proud, Mrs Whatever-Your-Name-Is...
and I wanted to tell you that.

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