The Paper (1994): Framed/opening Credits


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The clip framed/opening credits from The Paper (1994)

Yo, man, we're out of here. See you later.
See you later.
You look good tonight, you know what I'm saying?
That music is dead.
Are those guys asleep or something?
Elevator music will knock you out.
I wouldn't be caught sleeping here. Not this time of night.
Not around here.
Think we should wake them up?
Shit! Oh, shit!
What the fuck is going on?
Don't touch it!
No, wait! Stop!
Come on, man!
All the news, all the time.
This is WINS.
You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world.
It's already 83 degrees in Central Park...
working its way up to a downtown high of 95.
At the top of the news this morning, racial tensions flare again...
this time in Williamsburg, where two white, out-of-town businessmen...
were gunned down outside a restaurant...
a racial slur spray painted on their car.
An apparent retaliation for the murder of a black youth...
last week in Greenpoint.
Police are said to be searching for two suspects.
Keep your radio tuned to 1010 WINS for updates.
1010 WINS, all news. News whenever you need it.
Because your whole world can change in 24 hours.
WINS news time, 7.:00.

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