The Paper (1994): 5 Hours to a Story

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The clip 5 hours to a story from The Paper (1994) with Glenn Close, Robert Duvall What if these aren't the...
The clip 5 hours to a story from The Paper (1994) with Glenn Close, Robert Duvall What if these aren't the guys? What if they're innocent? Taint them today, make them look good on Saturday. Everybody's happy. Makes sense to me. Wait. This is a story that could permanently alter... the public's perception of two teenagers who might be innocent... and as a weekend bonus, ignite another race war. Think about this. We have Nazi- Give me a cigarette. Move it up front a little. Come on. We're not talking about some publicity hound... who crawls into the cage and begs for this kind of thing. It's two kids who may not enjoy the prison experience. You don't care whether they get beaten up or not. We got our ass kicked yesterday, so you want to beat everyone today. Yeah, I do. You don't? Give me a break. Tell me you don't. You do! Fuck it! Let's not beat anybody all week. Bernie, what do you say? Let's not beat anybody till October? Let's never beat anybody the rest of our lives. I'm glad you're not overreacting. What do you wanna run? I don't know. What do I wanna run? They didn't do it. They didn't do it? I don't think of these things. You don't have close to that. You have unattributed cops. She doesn't have Gotcha! You don't have Gotcha! for page one until you have a shot of the kids. So we're going on the perp walk. What time do they walk? 7:30. So we stretch it a little. You gonna pay for that? Yes, we stretch the deadline to 8:00. If we get art on the two kids at the walk of shame, it's Gotcha! If we miss them, the subway is page one. The subway is bullshit! You don't have it, you know it. You wanna run the story? You got five hours. Get the story. Do your job! Do your job! Don't just take a position because it's the opposite of what she says! It's like watching a bunch of sixth graders, for Christ's sake!