The Paper (1994): Introducing Alicia Clark


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The clip introducing alicia clark from The Paper (1994) with Michael Keaton, Glenn Close

Oh, my God.
Fred, let him use your phone.
They stole his radio.
Isn't that the parking cop?
McDougal has got to be stopped.
How long will this take?
Three hours.
You'll be like penguins. It takes time.
How was your meeting?
It was great.
Do you have last month's phone bill? I wanna talk to Henry first thing.
Your decorator called. She said the kind of wood Bruno picked out...
for the chair rail was not included in the guaranteed price...
and you're gonna have to approve another $600.
Unbelievable. Every time the phone rings, it's $600.
Also, Robert De Niro's office called.
Bobby called?
Well, his office.
There are two seats left at his table tonight for the benefit.
No kidding.
If you want them, it's gonna be $500 a plate.
Tell them that we'd love to be Mr De Niro's guests.
Hit guests. If they mention the 500 again
You son of a bitch.
You promised me.
For God's sakes, Alicia. We're not gonna ask some news reporter...
to wait until after 5:00 to make out-of-state phone calls.
It's ridiculous. I'm not gonna do it.
Let's let them make free phone sex calls too.
You mean as a kind of bonus? That's not a bad idea.
Why don't you start with Phil?
Start what with him?
You think my job's easy? You think it's fun firing people?
Firing people? Is that what you're gonna start with me?
Aw, Jesus, Bernie. Come on with the smoke.
You know the doctor found nicotine in my urine again.
Then keep your dick out of my ashtray.
That's very funny. Very funny.

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