The Paper (1994): Alicia Asks for a Raise

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The clip alicia asks for a raise from The Paper (1994) with Robert Duvall For God's sake, Alicia, you're t...
The clip alicia asks for a raise from The Paper (1994) with Robert Duvall For God's sake, Alicia, you're the managing editor... of the sixth largest paper in the country. All I want is to be fairly compensated. You can't come in here every six months- I have other offers. Don't make me bring them up. Does this have to be today? Do we have to do this today? I have pressures- real pressures. I see. Pressures. I know you loved running Features. I know Keighley shoved you into this administrative job you didn't want. I never knew how isolating it was gonna be. There are not exactly a lot of laughs around my office these days. You're in management. If everybody loved you, you'd be doing something wrong. But the fact is, I think you're working miracles with the job. Exactly. I have 300 people doing the work they need 750 for over at Newsday. I know. Thank you. But there's no more money for you. There's a ceiling in this business, and you're hitting your head on it. Okay. Fine. My contract's up in 18 months. I'd like permission to start interviewing now. You leave me no choice. That contract leaves me no choice. Pardon me saying this, and I know I'm no one to talk... but the problem isn't with your contract. It really isn't. No way. Let me tell you a story. Sit down. Sit down. It won't take long. Very interesting. You'll like it. In '68, a bunch of us who were covering the Olympics in Grenoble... decided to go to the best restaurant in town. Now, the menu didn't have any prices... but we were on expense account, so we figured, Fuck it, got drunk. Somehow there ended up being 15 or 20 of us at the table... and when the cheque came... it was $9,000. Jesus! Exactly. So now we're all starting to point fingers. We're trying to remember who invited who. We're talking about going to Western Union to get money cabled.