The Paper (1994): Mcdougal Tells Alicia off


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The clip mcdougal tells alicia off from The Paper (1994) with Glenn Close, Randy Quaid

By the way, Bernie White's the name.
Marion Sandusky.
Why does that ring a bell?
What do you want me to say?
Good job. You struck a blow for journalistic integrity today?
I can't do it. You abused your position to settle a personal score.
It is what it is. Live with it. Henry was right.
Double bourbon up.
What do you mean?
Dewars on the rocks, please. Henry was glib, that's all.
Everything I used to hate. What does that even mean?
Henry wouldn't have a newspaper to work on if I hadn't saved it.
Henry doesn't have a newspaper to work on.
Oh, please!
I'm ODing on righteous indignation tonight.
I know I know that name from someplace.
Common name.
No, it's not a common name.
I gotta go to the john.
We're not exactly the Washington Post, okay?
No, we're not.
We run stupid headlines because we think they're funny.
We run maimings on the front page because we got good art.
I spend three weeks bitching about my car because it sells papers.
At least it's the truth.
As far as I can remember...
we never, ever knowingly got a story wrong, until tonight.
That's what Henry meant.
You got any smokes?
What kind you want?
Box is fine.

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