Gigantic (2008): Brian with Family


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The clip brian with family from Gigantic (2008)

What's our first meal?
Ah, c'mon, I'm starving.
Nah, it's better on an empty stomach.
It's true.
Crock. It's not. Yeah well I'm hungry I'm gonna grab somethin' to eat. Brian you want somethin'?
No, I'm alright.
Excuse me, shaman.
Dad, you need some help?
Nope, I've got it.
When are the shrooms ready?
Oh no no no... best to let it steep a while.
Talked to a local, he said there were a lot uh ahead of the woods
And black trumpets south side of Temper lower elevations than last year.
You bringing that?
Might be some pheasant.
A pheasant with a death wish?
That's tradition. He brings a gun He doesn't use the gun.
He throws up.
Thanks dad.
Sometimes... it takes mushrooms to find mushrooms
Prepare your pouches for the poisoning.

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