Gigantic (2008): Al Choose a Bed Part 2


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The clip al choose a bed Part 2 from Gigantic (2008)

American? It's a lot of money for a goddamn bed.
Alright, I'll send my girl by this afternoon take a look
Work out the financing.
14 grand is the price you quoted me not a penny more
So don't try to Jew the price up on me. You're not Jewish, are you?
No, I'm not.
It's just a figure of speech, I'm half Jew myself
I work with Jews, they Jew me all day long so I can say it.
Ok, um there's shipping and handling
No. 14 grand, work it out Chester.
Let's go Gary, this place depresses me.
You going where and for what now? And when you leaving?
Vancouver, right?
Vermont That was close.
My father's 80th birthday.
80th? Damn.
Your brother's going?

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